The interfacing software will provide for transfer of test results from the diagnostic analyzer to the PC through its serial (RS 232) port, saving the test results in a table for later access / use by the client’s HMS application.


Transmission of the test results is initiated (depending on the analyzer) in one of the following ways:


  1. Automatic transmission of results as soon as a test is completed and the results are available.
  2. Operator initiated transmission of a batch of test results selected through the control panel of the analyzer


In either case, the interfacing software running on the PC continuously monitors the serial port for the transmitted information originating from the analyzer, captures the received information, acknowledges the receipt of information (if required by the analyzer), saves the information and extracts the relevant details and saves them to a result file, which can be viewed on the review screen.


The following information will be available on the review module:


  • Analyser Id.
  • Patient / Sample Id.
  • Date and Time
  • Test / Parameter Id.
  • Result value
  • Units
  • Error flag (if transmitted by the analyzer


The review module provides for review of the results by Patient / Sample Id. It will also have the provision for definition of Test / Parameter Id. specified by the HIS software corresponding to each of the analyzer specified Test / Parameter Id. The routine will also indicate whether the results received have been updated to the intermediary table for further import into the HMS database.


The advantages of  lab automation solution are:


  1. Total elimination of human induced transcription errors, which are the major sources of errors in a laboratory process
  2. Improved productivity leading to reduced manpower requirements
  3. Timely availability of results
  4. Improved turn around time
  5. Improved quality assurance in the laboratory process.


All our clients have reported a tangible improvement in the laboratory process after these solutions have been implemented.

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