A bi-directional interface would comprise of the following modules:

  1. Phlebotomy Module.
  2. Interface Module
  3. Review Screen & Masters


Phlebotomy Module: This module will be used to generate barcode labels for all the samples collected at Phlebotomy.  The barcode labels generated would depend on the Department (Biochemistry, Immunoassay, Haematology, etc.) for which the sample is being drawn and also on the type sample tube that will be used for drawing the samples and the no. of tests that a patient has registered for. The sample is drawn from the patient and the barcode label will be pasted on the sample tube and sent to the relevant laboratory.


Interface Module: On receipt of the sample at the concerned laboratory, the sample is placed on the analyzer (which supports bi-directional interface) and the analyzer scans the barcode label and sends a query to the interface software, requesting for the work list of tests to be performed for that particular sample. The interface software, on receipt of the query, uploads the work list to the analyzer, which in turn performs the tests and on completion of the tests, sends the results to the interface software.


Review Screen: The interface software receives the result data and displays it on the Review Screen. The review module provides for review of the results by Patient / Sample Id. It will also have the provision for definition of Test / Parameter Id. specified by the HIS software corresponding to each of the analyzer specified Test / Parameter Id. The routine will also indicate whether the results received have been updated to the intermediary table for further import into the HIS database.


Note: As described in the process above, data such as Bill No., patient Name, age, sex, tests for which the patient has been registered for, type of sample,tube type, etc. should be made available to the interface software as an intermediary table as it has to upload these data to the analyzer.


Similarly, the result data captured by us from the analysers  will be displayed in the Review Screen of the Interface software and can be uploaded to an intermediary from which the HIS can import into its database.


Following is an indicative process of process flow for a biochemistry analyzer with bi-directional interface



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